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About Bell's Ambulance

Company History

Founded by Healdsburg natives Lea and Inez Bell

Bell's Ambulance Service was founded in 1956 by Lea and Inez Bell When Lea returned home after WWII he found the growing cities of Healdsburg and Windsor were without dedicated ambulance service. The lack of ambulance coverage in their community became the driving force stimulating the formation of Bell's Ambulance Service. Lea and Inez served their communities as one of the only husband and wife teams in the ambulance industry. Inez also became one of the first women in EMS. Lea became a leader in local politics and helped establish rules, protocols and professionalize the ambulance industry in Sonoma County.

Lea and Inez Bell, Founders of Bell's Ambulance Service
60th Anniversary Party

Family owned & operated

Over 60 years serving our community

Our driving motivation is the contribution we make to our community. Our company has grown from that single basic life support husband and wife team, into a highly trained, advanced life support care provider. Quality care and courteous service continues as the theme that Lea and Inez founded this company on.

Making a difference

Heroic efforts

Bell's Ambulance is very excited to announce that Tyler was awarded a formal Recognition from the United States Congress as well as a California State Legislature for his outstanding role in the heroic efforts to save a life. Along with the rest of the Bell's team, we are honored to have Tyler on our team, and greatly appreciate his service to the community.

Tyler proudly displaying his award

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